How to go Gluten-Free: a 10 Step Guide for Beginners

GF Fluors

So you’ve decided you would like to try to go gluten-free. You probably feel overwhelmed, afraid to give up your favorite foods, and have no idea where to start. Maybe you’ve recently heard from your doctor that you have an auto-immune disorder, perhaps you have a child with autism, or it could be that you… Read More »

Sugar, Inflammation, and Weight Loss


Do you struggle with excess weight, fatigue, depression or mental ‘fogginess’, pain, or food cravings? Have you tried diets, cleanses, exercise regimens, and calorie counting, only to return to being overweight or simply carrying a few stubborn, extra pounds? Do you spend hours working out and still not lose weight? If you are carrying excess weight,… Read More »

Oahu’s Only Gluten-Free Kitchen: Greens and Vines


Hey Honolulu- I am jealous.  You have an all gluten-free kitchen which uses local, organic produce to create clean, gourmet food with flavors, colors, and combinations that blew my mind. Greens and Vines Restaurant is the brainchild of chef Sylvia Thompson, who happened upon a raw vegan diet when her husband almost died from a… Read More »

Hawaii Surf and SUP Trip 2015

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For the next two weeks this Southern girl will blogging from Oahu, Hawaii bringing you the inside scoop on surfing, paddleboarding, and healthy eating on the island. Having learned to surf and SUP on the smaller, choppier, East coast waters,  Hawaii is another level entirely for me. Reefs, rocks, bigger waves, and a different culture are gonna stretch… Read More »