Paleo Apple Pie Chia Pudding (Refined Sugar-free, Gluten-Free)

Paleo Apple Pie Chia P{adding from Saltwater Chef

Fall is here again, and good ole Mother Nature gives us the very food our bodies need this time of year. Apples are in season, and are a fantastic source of vitamin c, fiber, anti-inflammatory bioflavonoids, and heart-healthy phytonutrients. The nutrients in apples help us fight colds and the flu, and honestly, just taste yummier… Read More »

Simple Lemon Garlic Paleo Chicken

Simple Paleo Lemon Garlic Chicken

Need something to cook for dinner tonight? Try this simple, quick, satisfying lemon garlic paleo chicken recipe. Serve it up with cooked rice or quinoa (omit for Paleo), and some roasted vegetables. Make extra and serve leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Gluten-free, clean, paleo, and easy to prepare. Just be sure to use cage-free, organic chicken,… Read More »

Spicy Paleo Baked Sweet Potato Chips 


    Dang, I get hungry around 4:00 every day. If you’re like me, this is when I want a snack and if I do not plan, I get into trouble and wind up eating five handfuls of chocolate chips and a cup of coffee.  These little round spicy paleo baked sweet potato “chips” are… Read More »

Black Bean Brownie Batter Cookies: Grain-Free, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free

beans 5

It’s time for a yummy, healthy recipe! And it involves brownie batter. Oh. Boy. This brownie batter cookie recipe uses black beans as the base for a delicious, nutritious, grain-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, cookie that you can enjoy baked or as batter. Over the course of recipe testing I usually ate half the batter and baked… Read More »

Gluten-Free Charleston French Restaurant Guide & Nicoise Salad Recipe

nicoise resized

If you are “Old Charleston” ignore this part, because you already know this. If you are new to Charleston, or simply interested, here’s a Charleston cultural tidbit: Charleston has a rich French history that dates back to 1680 when an actual boatload of Huguenot (French Protestants) refugees, escaping religious persecution from Louis XIV, landed in… Read More »

Gluten-Free Orange & Sriracha Stir Fry

Stir fry 1

Needing a quick, easy dinner tonight? Try a healthy, gluten-free version of a Chinese Stir Fry. One pan, a few simple ingredients, and you have a delicious, healthy, gluten-free meal.  First, choose your veggies. I buy precut stir-fry veggies from Trader Joes. Or you could simply chop up some carrots, onions, red bell peppers, mushrooms, and… Read More »