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There is an art and a science to extraordinary content. Words are powerful. The words we use paint pictures, convey a tone, evoke emotions, and attract or repel clients. As a professional writer, it is my job to clearly, succinctly, and colorfully convey a message. Our copywriting, freelance writing, and blogging services create powerful, vivid content that connects your brand, idea, or story with your consumer.

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Copywriting: The words you choose to use on websites, marketing materials, public communications, and advertisements can make or break a customer’s impression of your brand.  Choose wisely. By crafting clean, concise, vivid content, and engaging the consumer with the appropriate tone (Playful? Serious?) I help you connect to your audience an a powerful, memorable way. 

Blogging: Inbound traffic vs. outbound advertising. My, how things have changed. As a business, it no longer works to simply be a hunter. You have to fish. And how do you fish? You cast the best bait for the appropriate fish. By employing the optimal keywords to attract your market, and integrating SEO into each post, regular, consistent blogging creates a magnetic funnel of targeted consumers. Websites with a blog simply get more traffic and rank higher in search engines. Google a topic. Now check the top few results. They probably have an active blog with regular content updates.

Brand messaging: Working closely with graphic designers and computer programmers, we craft a theme to reflect your company’s values and identity in the marketplace. Colors, images, words, phrases, SEO, and logos work in harmony to communicate your message to your consumers.

Article writing: Do you have an idea, event, product, or topic you would like to cover but do not know how to begin? I can help. Employing intuitive and insightful interviewing skills, imaginative language, and sharp editorial acumen, I’ve got you covered. 

Ghostwriting: If you have ever wanted to write a book but you hate writing or simply do not have the time, contact me to discuss your idea. Let’s see how we can make your book a reality. 

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