Oahu’s Only Gluten-Free Kitchen: Greens and Vines


Hey Honolulu- I am jealous.  You have an all gluten-free kitchen which uses local, organic produce to create clean, gourmet food with flavors, colors, and combinations that blew my mind. Greens and Vines Restaurant is the brainchild of chef Sylvia Thompson, who happened upon a raw vegan diet when her husband almost died from a… Read More »

East Coast Paddlers Gather for Chucktown Showdown SUP Race

Charleston's 2015 Chucktown Showdown at Brittlebank Park

By Haywood Newkirk and Megan Bryan (Saltwater Chef). Originally Published on SUPConnect.com The 2015 Chucktown Showdown will be remembered for the “good news” and the “bad news.” The “good news” was that there was a cool northerly breeze blowing through Charleston on a very mild mid-September day. With lower humidity levels and temps in the… Read More »

Surfing Oahu’s North Shore with Mo Freitas

Mo chuns

   When you get the chance to go surfing with Mo Freitas on the North Shore of Oahu, you go. As my friend, Haywood Newkirk, said, “It is like playing Augusta with Jordy Spieth.” Despite an open reef cut on my foot, a fun morning of chest-high waves at Chun’s Reef awaited us.  Step 1: Apply… Read More »

Surfing Waikiki Beach: A Hawaiian Tradition

Waikiki Beach looking towards Diamond Head

Waikiki Beach is considered by Hawaiians to be the birthplace of modern surfing as a sport– not just an ancient art form- in Hawaii. Championed in the early 1900’s by Duke Kahanamoku, an accomplished waterman and Hawaii’s “ambassodor of Aloha”, Waikiki Beach became a global symbol of Hawaiian surf culture. If you are visiting Oahu, Waikiki,… Read More »

Hawaii Surf and SUP Trip 2015

Dukes 4

For the next two weeks this Southern girl will blogging from Oahu, Hawaii bringing you the inside scoop on surfing, paddleboarding, and healthy eating on the island. Having learned to surf and SUP on the smaller, choppier, East coast waters,  Hawaii is another level entirely for me. Reefs, rocks, bigger waves, and a different culture are gonna stretch… Read More »

Play, Getting Flipped, and Overcoming Fear

mtns 3

As a beach girl who wants to be in the ocean every day, leaving the sea for 2 weeks in the mountains is bittersweet. I miss the salt air, timing my day by the tides, paddling in the waves, and picking up seafood after surfing. But there is something enchanting about the mountains, and paddle boarding… Read More »