How to Make Chicken Stock (Gluten-free)

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For people with Celiac’s Disease, or other autoimmune diseases, a common problem is Leaky Gut Syndrome. Essentially, the lining of your colon can become so taxed that it begins to fail (become more permeable) and food and bacteria can leak into your gut. Ugh. Not. Fun. How does that look? Bloating, headaches, asthma, allergies, IBS symptoms,… Read More »

Frozen Banana Snack Bites


What to do when it’s 4:00 in the afternoon and you have low blood sugar and want to eat a box of cookies but don’t want to spoil your dinner?  And you don’t want to eat another stinking protein bar? You eat homemade, healthy, protien-packed banana bites from your freezer, that’s what you do. These… Read More »

How to Make Perfect Boiled Shrimp


    Growing up there were two things I wanted to eat as soon as we got to the beach for Summer vacation: my annual box of otherwise-forbidden Cocoa Puffs, and boiled shrimp at the local seafood restaurant. Boiled shrimp with cocktail sauce and nice cold soda meant I was really on vacation at the… Read More »


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Our bodies, though complex, have pretty straightforward needs. These needs are no huge mystery: good, nutritious food, clean water , sunshine, movement and sweat, variety, comfort and care, restorative sleep. I’m no doctor, and make no claims as such, but in my own health journey I have learned one thing: when our bodies aren’t receiving the… Read More »