Welcome to Saltwater Chef: Surf, SUP, Eat Clean

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This is a blog about reclaiming your life and your body through learning to play again and fueling your play with clean, nourishing foods. Diets, food regimens, exercise routines, and shaming our bodies simply do not produce lasting change. By tapping into our inner kid, we find the pathway to health.

For me, play means surfing, SUP (standup paddle boarding), and being in the ocean. For you, it might mean jumping on a trampoline, rock climbing, or trail running. But by playfully and imaginatively moving our bodies and being outside in nature, we bring our bodies back to life and back into balance. It’s about getting back to how we lived as kids: being in the sunshine, skinning our knees here and there, eating real food, and not being afraid to take a few risks. Clean, healthy eating fuels all the fun. 

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Saltwater Chef. Photo by Jimmy Dowds

I live with Celiac’s disease, an autoimmune disorder that causes my body to turn on itself when I ingest gluten. Often our greatest challenges in life become our most potent source of strength. Adopting a gluten-free diet has taught me to deeply nourish my body with clean, healthy food. It has been a journey, and at Saltwater Chef I share some of what I have learned along the way.

I give you stories about adventures on the water and pursuing health, and show you products and recipes to help you in your own adventures. As you find your own playground, whether the ocean, the mountains, or just your back yard, you might surprise yourself. Maybe you want to learn to surf, or try standup paddle boarding. Maybe you just want to learn to eat gluten-free or get rid of the sugar in your diet. Whatever you need to turn things around, we are here. When your body improves, life gets much better and you can do things you never thought you could.

So let’s go outside and have some fun. See you on the water!

From the beach,